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Industries we serve

  1. Industries we serve

We at Meru Accounting, serve in diverse fields, giving our best and working to satisfy each of our clients with our full potential. We work for:

Each day, the device of our screen is bombarded by advertisements of various products being sold by online selling

Being a trader is much more than just doing buy or sell transactions. It requires one to be focused on the core strategies

With changing time, human requirements are also changing rapidly and with that the professional services are picking upwards.

CPA Firms CPA firms are very popular now days with more and more businesses understanding

Film production is a very versatile task in itself, and doing so requires immense amount of knowledge, hard work

With the boom of digital media, internet marketing has also been started blooming at a great pace.

The education industry is one the most vibrant industries, as it spreads knowledge and educates children. Along with educating

Law firms have to handle numerous things at the same time, and that too with great level of understanding

Cash flow analysis is defined as analysing a business’s income inflows and outflows during a certain period

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Balance sheet in the hospitalisation industry is a very important exercise. It is important to classify your assets into current assets and non-current assets

We will take care of the day-to-day bookkeeping function of your non-profit organization by providing timely and affordable services

Running a successful medical practice is an art where you not only need good medical expertise but also the skills of managing a modern profitable business

Our firm provides basic services like bookkeeping, account payable and receivable management, a monthly analysis of profit and loss, payroll management, etc. to every industry. However, we modify and add these according to the requirements of the specific industry.

Like for instance, the lawyer's profession demands compliance with various governing bodies. We provide in-depth bookkeeping service that works smoothly with lawyer’s requirements. Meru Accounting also works for the integration of accounting software with that of legal software.

Same goes to every other industry. We work for every industry to take out the best of everyone.