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Xero Software for accounting

  2. Xero Software for accounting

Xero Software for accounting

Convert to Xero

With change in business dynamics, everything is getting advanced and digitalised. That eventually creates the requirement for a business to adapt new technologies and software in order to develop and stay competitive in the market. One of such accounting software is Xero, which is being used by more than a million people around the globe. In addition to that more and more businesses are transferring to Xero from their traditional accounting software.

Meru Accounting is India’s leading accounting and bookkeeping firm that also provides its outsourcing services to its clients in the countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. We have experience of many years in converting our clients’ traditional accounting methods to Xero. We are certified Xero adviser and assist our clients in choosing add-on options for the best results.

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We have created a complete package for converting their existent traditional books of accounts to Xero. Some of the steps of for that are as below.

  • Analysing the current bookkeeping procedure and system in the legacy software used by clients
  • Analysing the business and the requirements of reporting
  • GAP analysis of reporting in the legacy software of clients
  • Incorporating class tagging in Xero
  • Importing the data to Xero from the legacy software
  • Reconciliation of bank balances
  • Updating comparative

xero integration

After execution of these steps, everything is done; we take our clients onboard with Xero and provide them with the user training to make sure that they can easily understand the whole product. Our Expert Professionals are very dedicated when it comes to maintain high quality services and best accounting practices. Choosing us would result into reduction in tiring accounting chores, and your business would get all the required attention to grow.