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Payroll Processing Services

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Payroll Processing Service

Payroll Processing Outsourcing Services

A reliable payroll processing service is vital to the smooth running of your business. It is an unavoidable aspect of business and as a business owner it must be most tedious task for you to do calculation and distribution of your employees’ wages and taxes on time. You can choose to either run your payroll management in-house, or you can choose to outsource payroll processing service to a professional company or individual.

Meru Accounting as a leading accounting firm provides fully managed payroll processing services to worldwide clientele including United States, UK, Singapore, Australia, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand. Our qualified payroll management experts will manage your payroll related requirement and enabling you and your business to focus more on core areas. Outsource payroll processing services in India can be a game changing idea for your business and most importantly it gives you peace of mind.

Outsource Payroll Processing Services in India

As we mentioned earlier outsource payroll processing services in India will not only cost effective but also save your time and energy. By outsourcing the entire payroll process to Meru Accounting you can maximise your payroll tax compliance, increase your payroll accuracy and ensure that your employees are paid on-time. Whether you are multinational, enterprise, SME or Start-up our payroll processing service will be tailored to your requirement. Our payroll management team at Meru Accounting becomes your dedicated payroll department and handle following –

  • We calculate part of timing and wages per employee, as per the time sheet
  • We handle all aspects of tax issue, social insurance, pension, and statutory deductions
  • We prepare monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, etc. reports as per the requirements to ensure better financial planning
  • We have dedicated team of expert Professionals who will look after all the aspects of system integration to ensure a smooth running of payroll process

Talk to us about Outsource Payroll Processing Services in India, and take the first step to removing this non-core part of your business from your monthly activity. Choosing Meru Accounting would ensure that you would not require being anxious about payroll processing anymore, after all we believe that we would also grow with our clients’ growth and development.