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Privacy Policy

  1. Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

For better functioning and smooth running of the business, it is necessary for you to trust your outsourcing accounting firm and for us to maintain that trust. Under Data Protection Act, it is your basic right to know how we maintain the privacy standards in our firm. The safety of your data is our obligation as well as our moral duty. We, at Meru Accounting, protects and treats your information with due care. Learn more about our Privacy Policy:

Data Restricted To Firm Only:

The information you provide via invoices or accounting payable is processed by our trained accountants and employees of the firm. No person, group or company other or outside our firm are subjected to those information.

Processing Of Accounting Payable:

For processing of accounting payables, it becomes necessary for us to involve vendors, in order to confirm and making payment for that particular invoice. But involvement of vendors are limited to their specific invoices only.

Disclosure Only Per Court Orders:

If there comes any court order or law or intervention of the government in the accounting process or in the company, the firm becomes bind to disclose certain information that is required by the government or the jurisdiction.

No Trading Of Data By Firm:

We do not sell or disclose any information concerned to our clients to any third party.

Information Disclosed On Other Websites:

The firm is not liable if clients discloses any information on other websites apart from ours. Awareness is expected from both the sides.

Policies From Developers:

Applications and softwares used by the firm have their own privacy policies from there developers side. The client may also go through all those, if they want.

Payroll According To Rules:

Payroll Processing is done as per the rules and regulations laid by the government. Those are subjected to fluctuate according to the international market.

If your still have any query regarding to our privacy policies, feel free to contact us at: moc.gnitnuoccaurem@olleh. We are here at your ease.