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Virtual CFO Services

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Virtual CFO Services

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A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) plays a very crucial role for a company. The concept of CFO is quite ordinary for a large or a multinational company, but a small scale business has hindrances due to financial limitations. The good news is, those days are over; CFO is no more the asset of a large company. With the service of a “Virtual CFO”, you can easily opt for making your finance better. We at Meru Accounting provide you with the Virtual CFO Services, and take care of your finances from a 360 degree perspective.

how virtual CFO works

We have categorised this service into three stages, which are planning, budgeting and achieving the financial goal.

  • Planning: When we talk about finance, the first thing that comes to our mind is the planning. Financial planning is done on the base of identification of the goal, thus we make sure that we have straighten a financial plan with regards to our client’s requirements. We execute the complete planning and decide a path to deliver it effectively.

  • Budgeting: After planning, the second stage of our services includes financial budgeting. We decide a budget in advance keeping in mind your financial analytics and your goal. We make sure that we deliver you the best CFO services with minimum but effective amount spend through budgeting.

  • Financial goal achievement: The main purpose of Virtual CFO Services is to achieve the target that you have decided for your business and finance. We at Meru Accounting provide you with all the required services, and make sure that you achieve your financial target through proper planning, budgeting, and execution.

By opting for our Virtual CFO Services, there are lots of benefits that you can have, we have state some of those benefits down here for your ready reference.

  • Timely call and availability: We at Meru Accounting have many expert CFOs to look after your finance. We value your time, and being consistent is our forte! We arrange regular calls for our clients to guide them, and help them in achieving their financial targets or take important financial decisions. In addition to that, we are available for our clients at their requirements.

  • Complete services along with bookkeeping: We provide a complete package of virtual CFO, which looks after all the requirements of your business. From helping you in setting up your goal, to help you decide a viable option; we provide all-rounder services to help you utilise and manage your finance in an optimal way. Along with Virtual CFO Services, we provide other accounting services like Bookkeeping, Payroll Processing, Accounts Receivables and Payables Management, Tax planning, and more.

  • Easy to afford: The main benefit of choosing us is that we provide our services at a very competitive prices. We give the virtual CFO package at a very lower rate, so that more businesses can have these facilities and can grow at a decent pace.

  • Can have a CFO instead of none: The first and the foremost benefit of a virtual CFO is that, instead of no CFO for your company due to higher pays of lack of finance; you can have one. A CFO looks after all the matters that affect a company’s finance, like buying an asset, investing company’s returns, expanding the business and more. You can have it all by choosing the services of a virtual CFO.

virtual CFO benefitting accounting

There are various types of Virtual CFO Services that we provide to give you flexibility in choosing what suits your business the best.

  • Interim CFO: An interim CFO Service is provided for a specific short period. If you want the services of a CFO only for a short period due to any reasons, you can always have our interim CFO services.

  • Special purpose CFO: The service of a special purpose CFO helps a business in achieving special purposes, like expanding a business, or synergising a company. This service is provided for the time the purpose is achieved.

  • Full time CFO: The full time CFO Service is provided to a business for full time. This helps a company in taking financial decisions and managing finance constantly. If you are looking for a constant support for your finance, this service fits you the best.