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Alternatives to Paypal

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Alternatives to Paypal

Alternatives to Paypal

Mar 14, 2019

Online Money Transfer

There are multiple digital fund transfer options available online. The dilemma is to choose which one?

Here are some criteria’s we have listed down for you to consider before choosing the option:

1. Fees Charged: Some applications charge a convenience fee. It is wise to check before using the application if you shall be charged a convenience fee. Or not. Compare it with other available options.

2. Trustworthiness: It is extremely important to find a reliable source of money transfer. Companys often offer lucrative offers to attract clients and later shut down suddenly. So, read and research about the company. Read customer reviews before using it.

3. Time involved in generating receipts: Most applications generate receipts immediately and show the status of your transfer.

4. Popularity: Some applications are vividly accepted throughout the nation. They provide excellent services and are easily accessible, which accounts for their popularity

5. Friendly Customer Support: Internet transfer can often lead to mishappenings like loss of internet connectivity while in the process, or for some unavoidable reason. So, it is important to have friendly and supportive customer care assistance.

Based on our survey, some of the most viable options are:

  • Bank wire transfer: Using your own banking online facility to transfer is the safest option. It is reliable and provides a one-point record recovery option
  • Paypal: It is one of the most acceptable worldwide money transfer options. It gives you access to transfer your money on the latest conversion rate over various nations. You can send your money quickly, safely and securely.
  • Payoneer: It also a financial service provider like PayPal for online transfer. It also provides e-wallet and card facility, which can be used by the customers anytime, anywhere.
  • Transferwise: Transferwise provides real-time exchange rate as compared to banks. They provide you with instant updates throughout your transaction. It is an internationally accepted and trusted application.
  • Credit card processing: Credit cards can be easily used to pay your bills directly through your merchant window like Visa, MasterCard, etc. These can also be used in integration with other money transfer applications.
  • Xoom: is a money transfer application which can be used on a mobile device. It is run by the parent company Paypal.