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Accounting for education industry

  1. Accounting for education industry

Accounting for education industry

Accounting for Education Industry

Education is one the most vibrant industries, as it spreads knowledge and educates children. Along with educating, there are various other aspects associated with this industry that decides its long term survival; one of which is maintain the profit or gain. Without finance everything is void, and thus it becomes of at most importance to manage the finance and accounting parts in an articulated manner.

Accounting for Educational Institution

We at Meru Accounting deal and handle clients of various industries; education industry is one of our niches. We have expertise in how this industry works, and what are the vast levels of factors related to it. We take care of each aspect associated with our Accounting for education industry clients, and provide them a complete package, from registering students after enrolment to maintain their payables, from cost per student to marginal cost of new students; we manage everything on behalf of our clients to provide them a smooth ride of accounting so that they can focus on their core work.

We understand that the education industry is very different from the other industries and requires regular financial attention to know the viability of this business. That’s the reason that we believe in updating and providing our clients with monthly financial statements and reports on the profitability as per their requirements. Our experts have vast knowledge and experience of this field along with sound hands on various accounting software such as Xero, Zoho Books, QuickBooks, MYOB and more.

Accounting for universities and colleges

Our package of accounting services includes bookkeeping, receivables and payables management, payroll management, tax planning, etc. Customers are at the centre of our universe, and we believe in providing them with high quality services and best accounting practices. After years of experience and many satisfying clients all we can say is, be a part of our family, and experience the growth!